Catch Formula 1 Race-week in FOX with Spectrum: Mercedes observing and expecting ‘even tougher year’ in 2019.

While Ferrari’s impressive performance for past season in the popular cable TV service channel and in testing shot, a warning message to Mercedes and Toto Wolff ahead of the Australian Grand Prix this year.

Well aware of the challenge Mercedes Chief and CEO of its team have on their hands to retain their formula one title at stake as the new season gets under way in Melbourne, Australia.

According to Internet buzz brilliant driver Lewis Hamilton secured successfully the driver’s ‘championship in 2018, while silver arrows have been voyaging to the constructor stripe, However coming weekend Australian Grand Prix is ready and flaming it wheels for testing in Barcelona where Ferrari is consistently ahead and faster than Mercedes.

For the coming up season Sebastian Vettel and the Scuderia are practicing to end Hamilton’s supremacy, while insisting Mercedes did not have it easy and had a lot of hurdles in the past schedules, Mercedes team CEO Mr. Toto Wolff is aware of their threat.
‘’Last year, we had to give it absolutely everything to come out on top.’’ He said. ‘’From what we have learned so far, this year will be even tougher.

‘’This occasion will push us to its limits and we have to liaise on with the pressure – and that gets each one of us more excited over it individually. Judging the results from the performance in Barcelona, it’s visible that we are prepared and there is a battle on our hands in Melbourne.

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